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Why should you choose San Marcos Interpreting?


From a school play to an emergency room visit, our goal is to provide service that far exceeds your expectations rather than simply meeting them. Therefore, we employ only those interpreters who are able to meet our very high standards and expectations when in the field representing our agency. We will match your service need to an appropriately certified and experienced interpreter to ensure that every service request will be filled by a qualified, highly skilled professional. San Marcos Interpreting welcomes feedback and open dialogue from customers so that we are able to continually improve upon our service delivery to our customers and consumers.   


We know that providing the full communication access that your Deaf or Hard of Hearing customers deserve can be costly. Saving our customers money however we can is extremely important to us. Therefore, we START by offering the lowest hourly base rates. If you are using another interpreting agency in the Austin, San Marcos or San Antonio areas you are paying too much! Our hourly rates are typically well below the standard hourly rates charged by other agencies (often for the same interpreters the other agencies contract with). 

However, we don't stop there! We also offer the following options to help further reduce your costs:

  • High Volume Discounts
  • Prompt Payment Discounts
  • Customized Discounted Rates for Public Schools / Vocational Training Programs/ Post-Secondary Colleges and Universities
  • Discount Credits for Service Cancelled With Less Than 24 Hour Notice

*Some discounts cannot be combined. High volume discounts apply only to service billed at our regular rates and do not apply to service that has already been discounted via a customized fee scale.     


San Marcos Interpreting wants each of our customers to feel like our ONLY customer. We are attentive, thorough and professional! You will seldom reach an answering machine or service during our regular business hours. In the event you do, it typically means we are simply on another call helping another customer. In these events, rest assured that your message will be returned right away. Although our office is closed after hours, including weekends and some holidays, we are still accessible 24/7 at these times to assist you with your urgent needs.  

Invoicing/Billing is sent out twice per month. It is completed accurately and sent out promptly at the end of each billing cycle. However, we are only human so an occasional error will appear on a customer's invoice. In the event this happens, simply give us a call and we will review the problem with you immediately and take proper action on the invoice to correct it.


We're from here!!!

San Marcos Interpreting is a certified HUB- Certification #1270723251300 

San Marcos Interpreting is LOCAL. We live and raise our family here and want what is best for our community. It is our philosophy that giving back to our community is our duty and an absolutely necessary responsibility for each of us. We believe that helping and supporting each other and our local businesses is what helps us to grow our communities. This philosophy is what drives us to offer the BEST service and customer care at the BEST rates. We wouldn't have it any other way. We support our local communities everyday and love it when our community supports us in return by purchasing our service.   

So.....what are you waiting for? Call us today so for more information.