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San Marcos Interpreting is always eager to have motivated highly skilled professionals join our team. However, simply having technical skill is not enough. In addition to having technical skill as evidenced by your certification, resume and professional references, we have very high expectations of the interpreters who represent San Marcos Interpreting in regards to their responsibility, punctuality, responsiveness, time management, professionalism and their flexibility in working with the agency. Of course, adherence to and consistent application of the Professional Code of Conduct is an absolute requirement.   

Although the majority of the assignments we have to offer require certified interpreters, we do have some assignments that we are able to offer to un-certified but qualified interpreters as well. If you are not certified, but looking for assignments while waiting to complete that step in your professional development, call us and we would be happy to discuss what opportunities we have to offer.  


To be considered for employment with San Marcos Interpreting, simply fill out the Application for Employment form. To access this document click on the "Forms" tab on the Interpreter's Page. Select the "Employment Application" link to open the form. Once you have completed the packet, return the forms to us by mail, email, fax or by delivering them to our office. We will need a copy of your driver's license and certification card along with this application packet. Your application form will be processed and a criminal history record pulled from the Texas DPS Crimes Records Service and FACT Clearinghouse. Often, we are able to access a criminal record already on file for you. If that is the case, you will NOT be required to have fingerprinting done for SMI. However, occassionally we are not able to access a record on file for an applicant. In that situation, you will be required to have fingerprinting completed as a part of your screening process. Please do not schedule or pay for fingerprinting to be done unless we contact you and instruct you to do so. This is so that you do not invest time and money on this step unless it is absolutely necessary. IF we do contact you with instructions to have fingerprinting done, please print the SMI Fast Pass form and follow the instructions to schedule and complete your fingerprinting. This form is accessible on the "Forms" page under the Interpreter's Page tab above.   

Once we have everything we need to complete the processing of your application, we will contact you to let you know the results. If your application was successfully screened and processed, you will be added to our active roster of interpreters and the email distribution list. At that time, you will start to receive email posts of assignments available.  

If you have questions regarding our application process or need assistance to access the required forms, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.